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Dapper Chap Newton's Cradle In Display

Dapper Chap Newton's Cradle In Display

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🎁 Introducing our Newton's Cradle – a mesmerising desk toy that blends science and art in a captivating display of physics. Packaged in an elegantly designed gift box, this Newton's Cradle makes for a thoughtful and intriguing present for science enthusiasts, professionals, or anyone who appreciates the beauty of motion.

🎁 Crafted with precision, the Newton's Cradle consists of a series of identical metal spheres suspended from thin wires. When one of the spheres is lifted and released, the laws of physics come into play, causing a chain reaction of rhythmic, swinging motions that demonstrate the conservation of momentum and energy.

🎁 The metal spheres, finished with a polished chrome surface, not only provide a sleek aesthetic but also enhance the reflective qualities, creating an eye-catching visual experience. The sturdy frame ensures durability and stability, allowing for smooth and continuous motion.

🎁 Dimensions | Height: 9cm x Width: 7.8cm x Depth: 3cm (84g)

🎁 Designed In Cornwall | From our Dapper Chap collection by CGB Giftware | Item No: GB07726
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