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Dapper Chap 'Make Do And Mend' Puncture Repair Kit

Dapper Chap 'Make Do And Mend' Puncture Repair Kit

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🎁 Ensure you're never stranded with a flat tire again with our comprehensive Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit, conveniently packed in a durable tin case. This compact and portable kit is perfect for cyclists of all levels, offering everything you need to quickly and efficiently repair punctures on the go.

🎁 Contains 2 x Metal Tyre Levers | 1 x Small Tube Rubber Cement | 1 x Marker Crayon | 1 x Metal Grating Tool

🎁 A Handy Tool | Compact and all in one this handy bike tool is a great size to be able to carry around with you in case of a bike emergency!

🎁 A Great Gift | Packaged in a stylish black and white gift box this makes a great gift for the cycling enthusiast in your life.

🎁 Dimensions | Height: 11.5cm x Width: 9cm x Depth: 2.5cm

🎁 Designed in Cornwall | From the Dapper Chap collection by CGB Giftware | Item No: GB06594
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